Our practice focuses on complex gynecologic conditions which may be associated with an elevated risk to develop cancer, or simply difficult to manage. We also focus on gynecologic conditions in which a surgical procedure may be considered. These include in office and hospital procedures relating to a variety of gynecologic and urologic conditions.

Many times a woman facing surgery will have options to consider and a number of complex decisions to make. We discuss with you in a thoughtful manner the risks, benefits and alternatives to surgical management of complex gynecologic or urologic problems. We also discuss with you the potential hormonal impact that some procedures will have and how to manage these issues.

Our surgical approach is to always review with you alternatives to surgery and implement them when feasible. We consider, discuss and perform advanced minimally invasive surgery where appropriate.

Dr. Poynor’s vast surgical oncology experience and volume allows our practice to offer our patients up to date, advanced diagnostics and surgical care. We offer in office comprehensive complex gynecologic care, in office procedures and comprehensive gynecologic and urologic surgery. In office procedures include: colposcopy, endometrial biopsy, LEEP, endometrial ablation and urodynamics. In hospital procedures include a focus on minimally invasive surgery, endometrial ablation, urologic and pelvic prolapse surgery, along with standard and advanced gynecologic procedures relating to abnormal vaginal bleeding, uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other benign complex gynecologic and urologic conditions. For women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction or personal distress from a relaxed vagina or enlarged labia, we offer reconstructive and restorative surgeries in order to help with these problems.