Since the BRCA1 gene was identified in 1994, an emphasis has been placed on the genetic origins of cancer. It is now recognized that all cancers result from an interaction of genes (which are inherited) and environment. Mutations in some cancer predisposition genes can significantly elevate a woman’s risk to develop cancer in her lifetime. Medicine has now entered into an era where genetic predisposition analysis to some cancers has left the strictly academic world, and entered into the basic medical care of the patient. Genetic risk can not only be quantified, but interventions can be instituted in order to decrease cancer risk, enabling a prolonged, cancer free life. Identification of women who may be at elevated risk to develop cancer and providing them with up to date information concerning risk reduction strategies is one of the main goals of our practice.

We offer a cancer risk assessment based on personal and family history of cancer and cancer predisposition conditions. We also offer genetic testing for breast, ovarian, colon and endometrial cancers after a careful and thorough education and discussion of the risks, benefits and alternatives of genetic testing. We also develop personalized recommendations for cancer screening strategies, and risk reduction through chemoprevention and prophylactic surgical procedures. Through our longstanding presence in the New York City medical community along with academic medicine, we also make appropriate referrals to individuals in the New York City medical community that have a particular interest in screening, prevention and management of cancer risk. This also includes education concerning clinical studies and trials that an individual may be eligible for. We can also make appropriate referrals for psychosocial support services.