We provide treatment for the following conditions:
Endometrial cancer Ovarian cancer Cervical cancer Vulvar cancer Vaginal cancer Gynecologic procedures for breast cancer patients Gynecologic melanoma Gestational trophoblast disease.

The goal of our practice is to provide the highest quality, appropriately aggressive, surgical care to patients who have a known or suspected gynecologic cancer. Our goal is to offer state-of-the-art surgical care to the patient and their family within a multidisciplinary framework in a personalized, compassionate, and dignified environment and to return a woman to a normal life as quickly as possible. Quality of life, fertility, and cosmetic considerations are crucial and are achieved by meticulous attention to detail, newly refined minimally invasive surgical techniques, and working closely with other physicians and surgeons.

For most women with gynecologic cancers, surgery is an important part of the initial treatment, and when performed properly increases the possibility of a cure. Many studies have shown that patients with gynecologic cancers have a better outcome when their primary surgery is performed by a gynecologic oncologist

We have access to the latest surgical techniques, technology and employ them in the treatment of gynecologic cancers. We offer conservative treatments for appropriately selected individuals after thorough evaluation and counseling in order to preserve reproductive potential. We are also able to make appropriate referrals to reproductive specialists for fertility preservation technologies. We focus on the laparoscopic approach to the surgical management of gynecologic cancers and maintain an active laparoscopic surgery practice. Other minimally invasive techniques include the use of sentinel node biopsy.

For some women a laparoscopic approach cannot be applied and aggressive surgical removal of tumor is indicated, for example women with advanced ovarian cancer or some recurrent cancers such as cervical or endometrial cancers. For these women, aggressive surgical removal of tumor is employed.

We are also available for second opinions for treatment.

After surgery, many women may require additional treatments with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Through an extensive network of well established relationships with academic and private practice physicians, we are able to refer our patients to the most appropriate physicians for their particular situation. For some women, this may mean a referral to a cancer institute. Appropriate referrals are made for available clinical trials in order to offer our patients the most state of the art cancer care.

For patients that require complex decision making pre-operatively, we will make the appropriate referrals for additional opinions, and present the most complex patients at a multidisciplinary tumor board to help with decision making.

All pathology is reviewed by an expert in gynecologic tumor pathology. Additional pathologic opinions are also used liberally in order to achieve the best outcome possible.