We provide treatment for the following conditions:
Management of the abnormal Pap smear Cervical, vulvar and vaginal dysplasia Endometrial hyperplasia.

Our practice has a focus on the diagnosis and management of preinvasive gynecologic disease. Conservative treatments are employed, when appropriate, in order to avoid repetitive excision procedures on the cervix, in order to preserve fertility and cervical length for future pregnancies. We also employ ablative techniques such as in office CO2 laser vaporization when possible. Excision procedures for diagnosed dysplasia include LEEP in office and conization. Vulvar and vaginal dysplasia may be treated with topical agents, CO2 laser vaporization or excision. We also maintain and active interest and expertise in glandular lesions of the cervix and pigmented gynecologic lesions, which can sometimes represent premalignant conditions.

Endometrial hyperplasia and glandular lesions of the endometrium are also treated. When appropriate, conservative hormonal approaches are utilized. Expert pathology review is always recommended and employed.